Best FUE hair transplant reviews Bio-FUE / G Factor / DHI Hair Transplant

Bio-FUE / G Factor / DHI Hair Transplant

Bio-FUE / G Factor / DHI Hair Transplant

Bio-FUE / G-Factor FUE / FUE with PRP / DHI hair transplant are small modifications to the standard FUE technique. In the Bio FUE / G factor hair transplant technique the growth factors are separated from blood and re-injected into the transplanted area giving extremely great results for hair growth. This is not only helpful for transplanted hair but also for strengthening the existing thinning hair follicles. The treatment is done by taking out cells from the individual’s body itself, which are then injected to the scalp in order to activate the dead cells. Though it is not a standard term or modality. So its use is completely optional.

DHI Direct hair transplant.

For DHI Direct hair transplant technique, we use special implanter pens called the “choi” implanter pen. Result is hair is left out for a very short duration of time. DHI hair transplantation technique differs from FUE hair transplantation technique as it is reduces the graft out of body time slightly.

How is PRP used to help the result of a hair transplant?

We see four potential benefits in PRP when a patient is having a hair transplant.

  1. It is injected into the FUE or FUT/strip donor area to promote healing and reduce scarring.
  2. Each graft prior to being transplanted is “dipped” into the PRP to promote better regrowth of the hairs.
  3. It is injected into the recipient areas of the scalp (where the grafts get placed) to accelerate healing and potentially improve graft regrowth, particularly in scalps that have scarring whether from a prior transplant or another injury and also in the crown region where hairs have a tendency to have a lower percentage of regrowth.
  4. The PRP is used to treat hair loss in other areas of the scalp not being transplanted, much as it is used as a stand-alone therapy.


Advanced BIO-FUE+Growth Booster Combo (PRP)

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Patient alert (

Ascertain whether the treatment advised is an approved treatment:

As the awareness for hair loss treatments increases so also the promotion of fake cures/treatment rises. The newspapers and the internet abound in promoting stem cell therapies, growth factor injections, various laser treatments, and nutritional supplements.

As a consumer it is very difficult to differentiate between such miraculous cures and genuine treatment. The following questions when posed against such treatments will reveal the truth.

  • Does the treatment claim to be FDA (or US FDA) approved or tested in the ethics committee/FDA approved clinical trials. The package insert of these medications should mention FDA approval. If the proof is anecdotal or based on company-generated data, then you can sure that the product would not be as efficacious as claimed.
  • Do the promoters of such treatments claim – `complete regrowth`, `quick results`, miraculous treatments, etc. Again such claims would be misleading and not true
  • Ask about the adverse effects of the treatment. If it is claimed that there are no adverse effects you can sure that the product would not be effective either or not tested adequately.
  • Oral Finasteride 1mg and topical Minoxidil for men and topical Minoxidil for women are currently the only drugs/medications approved by the US FDA for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss.

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