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Hair Transplant on EMI


Hair Transplant EMI

How to avail EMI

EMI for hair transplant can only be availed on payments done by Credit card. Once you have paid by credit card, you can get EMI made from your own bank.

EMI is often termed as equated Monthly Installment. EMI is used to pay off both interest and principal at the fix interval of time. EMI is settled in a way that total amount is paid in installment in each month so that in fixed years the loan is paid off fully.

The periodic payments to the lender over the time are fixed at the time of granting the EMI for loan. It might be assumed that the loan taker is paying equal parts of the principal as well as the interest to the financial institution every month until the loan amount is completed. EMI is the payment method that is only available for customers using credit cards. Other than online buying, EMI can also be used to pay while hair transplantation.  It is valid only for customers having credit cards on their names.

Confirm before surgery for EMI option.

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